Rethink questions 14

1. No, I would not take this pill, from a personal standpoint I love to dream. There is one reason why I would not take it. Also, according to dreams-for-survival theory dreams permit us to reconsider and reprocess during sleep information that is critical for our daily survival. So, if one person does not dream it would actually make it more likely for that person that make mistakes that are critical in survival, thus their dreams help make life easier and save your life. For example, if you were in the woods and sleeping at night maybe your dream would help you remember some techniques against bear attacks that you might have forgotten before. So the next day when you wake up and see a bear your dream will help you remember what to do and save your life. but the person who doesn’t dream will not remember this same technique and will sadly die because of not dreaming.

2. Well people learn better when they hear things over and over again. If a person hears something for the first time it goes into a short term memory spot where they will not be likely to remember it after the day. But, if someone consistently hears something over and over again it goes into another part of their brain. Like sports the more you practice the better you get, the more repetition the more natural something becomes. So, as a teacher I would frequently repeat what I teach over a long period of time so that the students will hear it over and over again, thus making that information go into their long term memory bank instead of their short term so they will remember it better. Also, i think that it helps to write things down, the more notes i write in a class they better I do. The short term memory problem is not the first time i have heard this, when I was little I could ace a test one day and the next day take the same test and flunk it. I though I was retarded but my parents told me that i should go over things many times so that it gets stored in the “better part of my brain”, needless to say this helped and makes all the difference when studying for a cumulative exam.

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rethink 13 revised

Westerners can only see things in two dimensions. If they see something in three dimensions then they automatically assume that the reproduction of that can not be done on a canvass. They can not reproduce the image because they think that it can not exist. African tribal members do not think that three dimensional images are impossible and they view it in  two dimensions a perception that allows them to copy the image with ease. I think that Western artists do not do the same because when they do art they would make it seem two dimensional in one dimension. Westerners can not recognize three dimensions, thus they would not be able to put it on a canvas. This would result in a different type of art work coming from the Westerners. Because their art work is coming from two dimensions not three.

I would say not because the stimulus that is used for subliminal perception is not great enough for someone to remember it. Thus if you tried to advertise with subliminal person would never remember the advertising. Example if you had a great sale on sandals for 56 dollars at your store and used subliminal perception if someone was looking for a pair of sandals they would not buy them from your store, this is because they would not have remembered the advertising that you did. subliminal perception is not going to have a lasting image either it only is subtle in a person’s memory. there is also little evidence that it can change our attitudes or behavior in any substantial way. When you advertise you want people to realize and remember your product, so when they see it they are instantly attracted.

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rethink 12 revised

No I do not think that this is a good idea. One if a person is given above normal hearing ability it would be hard for the person to adapt to such sensitive hearing. If the person was given very sensitive hearing then when someone was talking to him or her it would seem like they would be yelling at them. If someone was given greater vision then this person would be able to see farther than the average person this is not a problem. The main problem would be more receptor cells would have to move to the area where the sense was raised. so this would lead to other organs actually being less sensitive and having one dominant sense which made the rest of your senses inadequate.

I would realize that yes this child could get hearing back but what would happen to her other senses. The other sense have already been so focused on that if hearing was given then the other senses would loose receptor cells and be less sensitive. So I would say yes but only because  eventually the receptor cells would almost even out so that hearing would be on the same level as the other senses. also not being able to hear has raised the deaf child’s other senses would not be as great as they use to be because the amount of receptor cells would change giving less receptor cells in each sense.

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rethink 11 revised

If the eye had a second lens that unreversed the image hitting the retina then the image that we would see would be upside down. This is because when we see an image our eyes reverse the image. So if an image was in necessity double reversed, then the image that we would see would be upside down. We see images right side up because after the images goes through our eye it reverses itself. So inside the eye the image is reversed. If we had an eye that reversed the reversed image then the image in our eye would be right side up, then making the image that we see would be upside down.

People who are color blind have a certain type of color blindness. First, 7% of men have color blindness to the women’s .4% who have colorblindness. The human eye can see no less than 7 million different colors. The most common type of color blindness is all red and green objects are seen as yellow. So if i was manufacturing a product that needed colors to distinguish it i would not choose the colors of green, red, and yellow together because to some people that would just be one yellow. If i was designing a new bottle or billboard i would not put these colors close together because it would just look like a big yellow blob to some people. If I was making a billboard I would not make a yellow billboard background with the words in red and green because a color blind person would not be able to read it.

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Rethink Questions 10 revised

Perception is the sorting out, interpretation, analysis, and integration of stimuli carried out by the sense organs and the brain. Sensation is the activation of the sense organs by a source of physical energy. Perception directly relies on sensation to happen, because without getting touched or hit then the sense organs would never be activated. So to answer the question, no and no because if you get punched in the face you are getting the sensation of getting punched in the face and then the perception “oh $%&$ my face hurts really bad.”So they are independent on each other. With both of them you need the sense organs to be activated and the Perception organs are activated through sensation and the sensation organs are activated through perception happening. If you had perception without sensation then it would be like feeling getting punched in the face without actually getting punched in the face. If you had sensation and not perception then it would be like feeling getting punched in the face but not registering it with pain and not hurting you.

2 Psychophysics is the study of the relationship between the physical aspects of stimuli and our psychological experience of them. Something that I would do to make products better and modify them because of psychophysics is make products more pleasing to the eye. I would also try to make the products softer rather than something that was hard. If I had a previous product like a toothbrush that was colored black and red, and this product was not selling very well. I would change the colors of the toothbrush to colors more neutral like blue white or grey. I would also not print images of monsters or scary things on my toothbrushes because people might have nightmares of monsters, so if there are monsters on their toothbrush then they will not buy that product because it brings back a nightmare. If someone just figure out that Brett Favre killed their family then they probably are not going to go and buy a Brett Favre jersey, this is because it would bring back bad memories.

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rethink 13

They do this because it is more visual pleasing and leaves the person looking at the painting puzzled. this sort of art is attractive because it is how a person depicts it that makes them realize what the painting means to him or her. I think that non-western painters do use three dimensionally but I do not think that they know that they are using it at the same time. Because one can view three dimensions but not mean to do it at the same time.

I would say no because it might not work towards everyone. but there is more reward for the risk in this situation if everyone notices your billboard over your competitors this could be monumental in helping your company. So it is a risky decision that could end up helping your company out a lot or hurting your company a lot.

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rethink questions

No, I think this is a very bad idea, because if people had above than normal hearing capacities or sensory. if people had better than normal hearing capacity such things as volume and television would have to be lowered. thus the settings and other things that involve visual or other things like vision then the color would have to be lessened. it could benefit however by the way that if you can hear above the normal person then maybe you could here someone crying murder and get to the scene and save someone’s life before the others could.

2. I would say that it is in the best interest of the child to get his hearing restored. If the kid can not hear and the surgery would improve his chance of hearing then why would you not take the risk if the surgery goes wrong it wont change his non hearing to any worse non hearing. In conclusion i would tell the other family members that it is the only chance that this kid will have to hear ever again.

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Rethink questions

1. no it is not able to have sensation without perception because without sensation you would not have perception. it might be able to have perception without sensation though. but it is not likely to happen. if you get hit and feel the pain first then it is different than if you get hit and say wow this hurts then you feel pain. it probably can happen for a small amount of people to feel pain before they react but not likely.

2. The way to do that would be to develop materials more sensible to the body. try and make old materials more pleasing the ones body and have it be more psychologically pleasing. like some companies make stuff more aesthetically pleasing so that it soothes people.

1. yes there would be a difference, because if at first we saw it upside down. then when we would see it right side up would not we be seeing it as upside down. Everything would be backwards.

2. I would make colors that everyone could see. the color of my products would make it easy for everyone to see the same colors and i would not make a pivotal piece of my product based on colors that some people would not be able to see. For instance if i was making a product i would not make the pivotal piece green if everyone in the world can not see the color green then that would lessen the field of people that could buy my product.


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the stranger paper

Patrick Fox

Mr. Pottieger


Psychology Honors Paper

What is going on inside Meursault’s Head?

The book, The Stranger, written by Albert Camus depicts how one person deals with the loss of a loved one and how it affects the rest of that person’s life. The person who lost a loved one is Meursault, the protagonist in the story and also the narrator. Meursault’s mother dies and he then travels to Marengo, his mother’s hometown, he arrives and does not grieve much over his mother’s death.  Meursault is not very perturbed by his mother being dead or for that matter sad it seems.  He fell asleep during the funeral and did not remember much of it. He carries on with his life and acts as if nothing had happened. He actually returns to his house happily as the narrator describes from his mother’s funeral.  He goes on later in the story to get married with a girl who he does not know if he truly loves. Meursault shoots a man that stabs his friend Raymond. What is going through his mind there was no state of depressing with Meursault. He actually started to act in a more uncanny way that he had ever before.  Furthermore, Albert Camus has made this life in which Meursault lives in seem inescapable from death and that is one of the central ideas in the book, that no matter what in the end everyone is born to die.

Maman died today. Or yesterday maybe, I don’t know. I got a telegram from the home: “Mother deceased. Funeral tomorrow. Faithfully yours.” That doesn’t mean anything. Maybe it was yesterday. Meursault said this; he has no sense of urgency or care of how she died or when she died. He does not care about the one person that it took to get him into this world.  He hides the fact that his mom is dead like a secret, he didn’t tell any of his friends that his mother had just died. He also never acted in a way that made them think that something bad could have just happened. So what is wrong with Meursault he has more of a psychological problem than anything else. He lives in a life where he has a lot of problems, he just killed a man, he is getting married, and he does not know how to deal with his mother’s recent death.

The problem with Meursault is that I think he is antisocial a psychological disorder. He does not like to open up to anyone and makes it seem as though he has no emotions. He acts like this when Marie asks him if he wants to get married he has no direct answer. He is not the type of person who can open up to people and tell them about them about his feelings. Antisocial behavior can be generally characterized as an overall lack of adherence to the social mores and standards that allow members of a society to coexist peaceably. According to some studies, individuals with antisocial behavior disorders are responsible for about half of all crimes committed, though they make up only about five percent of the population. Most of those with antisocial behavior disorders are male. This type of behavior describes Meursault, and the way that he lives his life. He has already killed one person. Whether this is directly proportional to him being antisocial or not it’s not right. Furthermore how does he live with himself when people all around him are dying? Meursault seems not too care about the human life and what people live for. I said that people never change their lives, that in any case one life was as good as another and that I wasn’t dissatisfied with mine here at all. When Meursault says things like this it makes it seem like he doesn’t care about the people around him even his fiancée.  The good part about this is Meursault is finally opening up and telling other people about his feelings. He opens up more and more after his mother dies. His mother’s death is a critical part in his psychological As if that blind rage had washed me clean, rid me of hope; for the first time, in that night alive with signs and stars, I opened myself to the gentle indifference of the world. Finding it so much like myself so like a brother, really I felt that I had been happy and that I was happy again. For everything to be consummated, for me to feel less alone, I had only to wish that there be a large crowd of spectators the day of my execution and that they greet me with cries of hate. He wants people to flock towards his execution but he doesn’t want them to cry that he has died; he actually wants them to cry that they are so happy he is dying. These are the thoughts going through his head on a regular basis.  This type of antisocial behavior is not good for people and since he keeps it up Meursault does not look forward to life because he feels like he is alone in his life. People are just objects to Meursault, he and everyone are going to die eventually. This is true but he lives his life with no potential for growth and looks forward to nothing.

Anti social behavior causes people to do things that are not normal compared to other people. Theses incidents that occur in the book describe how an antisocial person lives in everyday life. The way that antisocial people the treat their loved ones. The story shows us a way in which an antisocial person reacts towards change and adversity in their lives.  The ways in which Meursault reacts to each of these situations is unacceptable and his psychological problem, being antisocial, is the reason why all these acts occurred.


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Rethink questions p 92 1-3

1. The limitations of studying only people have died is why did they die it could have had something to do with their brain. thus the brain would not be the same as one that is being scanned. how could they realize what type of brain was “normal” and what to expect to see in a brain. With the new technology they can scan all types of brains not just people who are dead. the most significant advances would have to be their overall understanding of what the brain is capable of. what areas of the brain are used more than others. also which parts of the brain control certain parts of the body.

2. Yes this is totally true because if you have one person who uses their left side of their brain everyday compared to someone who rarely uses that side of the brain. if you paint everyday and see patterns and colors your brain activity is going to be different from someone who is a linebacker in the nfl.

3. I would keep using the same techniques as the base or foundation for my teachings. but maybe i would change some small parts to see if they were more effective than others. maybe the brain evidence would show that boys might have different learning techniques so i would alter my teaching towards areas that one side of the brain is more active on.

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